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SF State's Department of Biology offers a dynamic learning environment, exciting research opportunities, and mentorship by world-class scientists. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in cell and molecular biology, conservation biology, ecology and systematics, marine biology, microbiology, physiology, botany and zoology, and biology education are all designed to train and educate students to meet the challenges of leadership roles in the biological sciences. We invite you to explore our exceptional educational and research opportunities.

Undergraduates Applying for SPRING 2020 Graduation

CLICK HERE for Instructions on how to apply

Critical Deadlines:

Biology Department Deadline
 Univeristy Deadline
Submit biology-advisor-approved
graduation application to the
Department of Biology (HH534)
FRIDAY, February 14
 Submit department-approved
graduation application
with application fee ($100)
receipt to the
One Stop Center
FRIDAY, February21

All Biology Major graduation applicants MUST complete the BIOLOGY ONLINE SURVEY before the Department will approve the graduation application.

SPRING 2020 Graduating Biology Major Survey

Biology Recognition Ceremony

Date: May 23
Time: 12:30-2:30
Location: Cox Stadium at SF State University

Biology Advisors - Spring 2020

Biology Advisor are not located in the biology office.
You do not need to make an appointment unless otherwise specified.  All office hours are drop-in.

(days/hours subject to change)

Changing your Major

The Department of Biology has declared 'impaction' limiting the number of students we can take, but the more lower-division major requirements you take and the better your class performance, the higher your priority will be for admission to the major.

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